Useless Dragons Unite the Solana Community

We, Useless Dragons are here to unite and proof the Solana NFT community that we can create a valuable project, a solid community and a brand that represents the uselessness of utility, without selling you into worthless shit.

Our team believes that if you can sell utility you can also sell nothing, simply because there is not much difference these days. At least we are honest about what we sell you into; nothing. It’s time we Useless Dragons are going to change the game on Solana, together. All those projects launching with overcomplicated utilities that are not even being used by their communities tells our team there’s nothing special about having a utility, nor does it has any real value aside from the psychological value. Projects are literally just creating utility to sell you their supply. Let’s be honest, do you even play your favorite NFT game anon?

Incentives For True Supporters

However, we do believe in the power of giving incentives to those that want to be part of the Useless Dragons movement.

In order to encourage our members to support us and to be part of us in our journey we will re-distribute 20% royalties from all GEN2 trades to GEN1 holders and another 20% of royalties from GEN2 trades to GEN2 holders


The Useless Dragons GEN1 collection consists of 4 unique pixel dragons with a combined supply of 213. Holding a full set of 4 will grant the holder 20% royalties of every GEN2 trade. There are only 20 full sets available. We will not put these for sale and will use all the GEN1 pieces for community missions, giveaways and collaborations. This way we can get exposure to our GEN2 mint and will have an active community hunting down these pieces. 

Make sure to get your hands on a full set to get the benefits! Check out our Discord to find out how you can acquire the GEN1 pieces.

  1. Dragano
    Supply: 102

  2. Kashgar
    Supply: 52

  3. Smoag
    Supply: 39

  4. Mytherio
    Supply 20

The Community Treasury

Yes you calculated it correctly. There will be 60% of royalties left to distribute. 40% will be put into the community treasury and will be used to build our Dragon empire, together. The remaining 20% will be given to the team.

The most important aspect of the funds in the treasury is that it will be used to build income streams by our holders, for our holders. All the revenue generated from those income streams will be distributed in the exact same percentages as above (20% GEN1 | 20% GEN2 | 40% Community Treasury | 20% Team).

This way we’ve created the ultimate cash machine.


The Useless Dragons GEN2 is a pixel art collection which has 70+ different traits with a total supply of 1000 NFT’s. The holder of a GEN2 piece will be granted 20% royalties of every GEN2 trade including 20% sales revenue from every income stream our DAO creates. It will be a very exclusive supply with a mint price of 0.3 $SOL.

The Dragon Team

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Teamlid 1


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